Saturday, 13 August 2011

Introduction - Take Two

I made this blog so I could have a way of keeping track of (and sometimes commenting on) the blogs I'm following. But almost as soon as I had started, the internet broke. My Dad called the company, and they said to bring it into the shop and they'd try to fix it. Meanwhile, no internet access. Great. Finally got it back a few days ago.

But what a time to get my connection back! The riots down south, spreading northwards. My parents were worried. We don't live in the city, but there are people living in this town who might have tried to take advantage of the situation. It seems to be dying down now, thank goodness. So much damage has been caused! It's not going to do the economy any good.

I realise my first introduction was a little brief. I'm sorry about that, I just don't like revealing much of myself online. If you don't mind, I think I'll take this time to elaborate a little.

I think I must have always been crazy. I hear a lot of kids have imaginary friends, but I thought mine were real. I mean, I could see them, hear them, touch them, but nobody else could. I found that confusing, but some of my imaginary friends couldn't see the other children, and I couldn't see their imaginary friends, so I thought it was normal. It was when I started school that my parents picked up that something was wrong. My Mum is a psychiatrist, and apparently she had suspected I had problems, but wasn't certain until the teacher phoned her that day. One result of that was I was homeschooled until I was around ten. By that time I had learned how to deal with my problems. The other kids, however, had not.

The bullying didn't start immediately. There were a few kids who were nice to me, I could almost call them friends, and the teachers were almost always very pleased with my work. But a few months in, people had started noticing the weirdness. Then I met Liam, my pet badger, in the playground. He was so small, and I thought he must have been abandoned by his parents or something. I called my friends over to show them this baby badger, and they said they couldn't see him. That was when I realised he was a hallucination. I left him under a bush and took him home with me that night. The bullying started the next day. Two weeks later, my parents had taken me out of school and my Dad was once again teaching me.

You know, a curious thing happened about a year after I stopped school again. I'll maybe tell you in a different post.

So, nowadays. When I should have been starting secondary school, my parents asked me what subjects I wanted to take and managed to arrange for some tutors to come and teach me what they themselves couldn't. I sat my exams at a nearby college. I'll be going there next year for some more advanced courses. I'm not going back to school with those people.

I have a part time job stacking shelves in a shop. Sometimes people from my old class come in. They haven't recognised me yet, but I try to hide my badge from them, just in case. My workmates are nice enough. They give me hope that I will find friends at college. I keep quiet most of the time, and I haven't gotten to know them yet, but they seem like nice people.


I should probably do a bit about my personality and interests now. I like to draw sometimes, I like watching fantasy/sci-fi, reading is fun too. A lot of my free time is spent on the computer, either playing Flash games or reading blogs. The blogs are a bit of a new thing. I might explain that in another post as well, since it kind of ties in with the weird thing that happened.

I also like going out once in a while, climbing trees or hillwalking. Not so much now. My Mum seems to have taken a dislike to the woodlands. Maybe it's because of that crazy dog that turned on its owners. The newspaper said that the investigators found body parts scattered around the path, and even in some of the trees. I think it shocked her a little. I've tried to tell her that it was completely random, that the chances of something like that happening are miniscule, but she still refuses to go near the woods, and made us promise not to either.

She's been a little stressed lately. One night she got back from work looking absolutely exhausted. My Dad asked her what was wrong and she mumbled something about pension cuts and switched on the telly. He tried to ask her again later, and she yelled that she didn't want to talk about it. Poor guy. He looked a little shaken afterwards.

Well, I think that's it. Unless you want me to introduce my hallucinations. But this post is quite long already. Maybe I'll do that some other time. And I'd have to ask their permission first. (I don't think Liam will mind. After all, he is a badger.)


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