Wednesday, 14 September 2011


I wasn't at college today. When I got home last night I felt so ill that I went straight to bed. But then I woke up in the middle of the night (feeling so nauseous I nearly vomited a couple of times) with a crushing headache and a runny nose that took one and a half boxes of soft tissues to clean up. (I mention they were soft because despite that fact my nose is now redder than Rudolph's.)

I woke up again about half-seven this morning, so I texted A and B to let them know I wasn't going to make it in. B is back now (she wasn't in yesterday - grr!). I'm not sure when I'll be back though. I think it's some sort of flu thing. My joints are aching as if I've spent the past two hours on a trampoline. My Dad's been bringing me hot lemon and honey drinks through the day, and since I've been too sore to sit up or hold up a book, Pete's been reading to me.

He's been having fun with the different characters, giving them different voices. He's always been good at accents. But the thing I've found with Irish-American accents (at least the ones on the telly) is that they don't sound very different from a Scottish accent. Oh, that reminds me. The book he's been reading me is the one I'm going to be studying in English. And the book is ... *drumroll* One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.

As if English wasn't anxiety-provoking enough for me. But you never know, my classmates might actually be as accepting of me as A and B have been. Maybe I've just been living in a pocket of the country that's much worse than average. But I can't know that until I challenge them. I suppose that's the handicap with being different - you never know where you're safe until you test it.

I managed to make it over to the computer a few hours ago. (At least I think I've been here a few hours. Maybe I'll ask Dad.) I've emailed my lecturers to tell them why I wasn't in (though A and B will probably have let them know) and why I couldn't contact them sooner. I hope I'll be back by Friday. Not just for the work I'd be missing, but also because I can't wait to listen to that last Linkin Park album. When I told A how much I loved Minutes To Midnight she said "Just wait till you hear A Thousand Suns!", so I've got pretty high expectations for it.

Anyway, I hear the oven buzzer going. I couldn't face dinner earlier, but Dad went out and bought some fritters. Gosh, they smell delicious! See you later! (Or rather, type to you later, as I doubt I'll ever be seeing anyone who's read this.)

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