Sunday, 11 September 2011


So A, B and I (ooh, I like that - I shall try and use it again) were talking about music, and I admitted that I haven't been the most educated person in that respect. So A showed me a couple of songs on her mp3 player, then decided to lend me some CDs over the weekend.

The two she lent me are called Hybrid Theory and Meteora. They're both by a band called Linkin Park. Something funny: when she let me listen to one of their songs, I thought I recognised the singer's voice. Sure enough, they're the band that sang on the new Transformers films. That's partly why she decided to lend me that band first. A said she'll lend me the next two albums tomorrow (Monday), and B says if I like Linkin Park, she'll show me a band called the Prodigy (I think that's how you spell it?).

So far, I think I like them. They're quite electronic compared to most rock music I've heard on the telly, which I like about them. I've always liked computery bleeps and distorted noise. I was pleasantly surprised by their lyrics. Most of the songs I've heard on televisions or in shops have been about being sad about the hot partner you just lost, or how great it is to be "popular" with the opposite sex, or throwing your future out the window so you can "live in the moment". Linkin Park's songs seem to be more about the inner struggles that a lot of us have to face. Even when they write songs about relationships, it's not the soppy "I know this person is right for me because they are so beautiful but I will never be as good as them so I may as well go cry in a corner" cliche, it's about the more complicated kind of relationships; the ones that subtly both people from within, the ones where someone is taking advantage of the other's personality or emotions, the ones where the other person doesn't actually care about you at all. All in all, it's about the kind of people that mainstream society forgets about. The "broken" people, or the "weirdos", the ones that don't fit in. A says this music helped her through some tough times. I can see why. Sometimes, just knowing there's people out there who are facing similar struggles can help you to stay strong and keep fighting.

Another thing I like about these albums is that each song has its own sound. The music seems to fit the mood perfectly each time. One of my favourite songs so far has to be "With You". The emotions are so powerful, and that introduction is just amazing! "Crawling" and "Somewhere I Belong" both resonate with me very strongly, so I think I might try and avoid listening to those ones too much.

Poor Pete can't stand this sort of music, and insists I wear headphones or turn it off when he's around. Liam doesn't seem to mind. He's been acting normally, except that he seemed curious at the new noises coming from my speakers. Susan absolutely loves it. I've actually had to ban her from singing the lyrics when she's around. What's strange is she can hear it even when I've got the headphones in, whereas Pete can't. I'm not going to even try to explain why that happens.

Anyway, it's past my bedtime (I took way longer than I should have over this post), so I'll have to say good night. Ciao!

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