Monday, 12 September 2011

Music ... continued

The winds were pretty strong today. In fact they're still pretty strong just now. It made the bus journeys pretty scary. At least it isn't as bad as it was in May. Those were some seriously strong winds - and I had an exam that day! At least my Dad gave me a lift and I didn't have to brave the double-deckers that time.

But anyway, A gave me Minutes To Midnight today. She said she'd give me the next one on wednesday, so I can have a chance to listen to them both properly. I must say, I like this album even better than the other two! Even Pete likes one or two of the songs. And I recognised What I've Done from Transformers. It's strange how they speed up songs for films. I wish they wouldn't. It's very annoying to hear something in a key that's a tone higher than it should be.

B wasn't at college today. She texted us to tell us she wouldn't be in, so I've scanned a copy of my Maths and Physics notes for her (A said I've got better handwriting, so I should do it). Apparently she's got a cold. I feel like I might be coming down with something too. I've heard that bugs and viruses are pretty common around here. It's probably because the cantine is the only place to hang out indoors (unless you want to sit in the corridors and block everyone's way and get a sore bottom and buy overpriced snacks and drinks from the Coca Cola vending machines). So I've been taking echinacea and making sure I'm armed with anti-bac in case of emergencies.

I hope B will be in tomorrow. I don't want to have to face English alone. The lecturer seems to like me, and I feel embarassed when I have to speak out in class. He made me read out a story I'd written for homework and now everybody seems to think I'm good at writing. I know that probably sounds like a good thing on your end (whoever you are), but if people start asking me for advice I'll be forced to talk to them. And if we start talking then they might try and make friends with me, and I really don't like revealing much about myself unless I trust people. (Goodness knows why I trust whoever might be reading this, but I reckon if people don't like me they can just go to a different page, and they aren't obligated to give me an answer like I was sitting next to them.)

I think I'll stop writing now. I'm just rambling and getting myself worked up, and I should go to bed. Goodnight!

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