Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Ah, finally the wind's died down.

Hopefully the internet will stay up long enough for me to make a whole post, instead of just short replies.

I refused to go to college today. Well, I was actually all for going, but my Dad convinced me not too. As you can probably already tell, the weather's not been that great. And bussing it into the city in an 80 mph gale is something I'm sure most people would want to avoid. I'm glad I won't have to go in tomorrow.

No internet's a drag, but what can be done? A couple of times there was the threat of a powercut. Thankfully, the power's stayed on. It's bloody freezing out there.

Me and Dad spent most of the day playing board games and watching the telly. After lunch, he decided to make scones. I tried to help, but I'm not so good at baking. He says all I need is a bit of practice, but I'm sure I'll never be able to cook anything more complicated than basic shortbread.

But now for the more troubling side of things. I have reason to believe Susan knows something I don't. It's not anything definite, so even if I confronted her she could deny it and I still wouldn't be any surer either way. It's the little comments; sometimes she says something with a little more certainty than she should, and almost seems surprised when I'm unsure in my reply.

Robin was mentioned in the news again today, just briefly. There was more information about the body, allegedly found with a broken neck, two black eyes, and multiple stab wounds to the chest. The police are asking for witnesses who might have seen any suspicious activity near the river up to three days before the body was found.

I only had one dream last night. That's unusual in itself. These days it's almost always two or three - or none at all. And the blue roses obscured almost everything now. They'd even started appearing on people's clothing. But last night's dream was set in my room. I don't remember waking up before the dream started, and I don't remember falling asleep afterwards. That's the only real evidence I have that it actually was a dream. No blue roses, no fantasy characters, just an overpowering sense of awareness and ... wrongness.

I felt very awake. I didn't know if I'd been half-asleep for a while or if I'd woken up and forgotten about it. It was very dark, but the street light made it's way through my curtain, giving me just enough brownish glow to make out the shapes of the objects surrounding me. I could hear the storm outside, tearing the last of the leaves from the trees, trying to pull the aerial out of the roof. I couldn't catch hold of my thoughts. Either they were moving too fast or my brain was too sluggish to snatch them.

I became aware of a low humming that seemed to come from the window. I looked up and I saw the shadows of the trees convulsing against the force of the wind. There was nothing unusual so I sank back down. The air was pretty cold.

The humming was quiet, and easily drowned out by the rush of the wind and the drumming of the rain, but I could sometimes make out parts of a tune, though not enough to recognise what it was. The humming stopped and I heard a giggle. Fear enveloped me. The voice outside started to sing.

It sang of blood and organs, exploding heads and ripped-out limbs. All to the tune of a children's nursery rhyme. I turned towards the wall, curled under my blankets. The song never lost any volume, despite my desperate attempts to block it out. In the end I lay there cowering, waiting for it to stop.

The song ended. There was a pause. I felt something slide across the material on top of my shoulders. Something long and dark entered my peripherals. The tentacle brushed my face as it curled round the duvet and peeled it back. I lay motionless, hardly breathing, staring at the place where my cover had been just a second ago. The tentacle came back. It gripped my middle and rolled me over. I had no choice, I didn't fight it.

I was on my back now, staring up at him, trying to keep my mind under control. He giggled again and started to sing another song, this one just a few lines. On the last line, he started to lean toward me, closer and closer, until his head was only a foot above mine. He stared right at me, finishing the song with a whisper, and I stared at him.

Then my alarm went off. I woke up with my covers arranged much the same as when I went to bed. My heart was beating fast and loud, as I rushed to quiet the sudden noise.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to sleep tonight. But I'm feeling tired, so I might as well try. At least I don't have college tomorrow.

Goodnight, all.


  1. Uh...
    Creey nightmare you got there. O.O
    Everything alright or not really?
    Hoping you'll be okay.

  2. I'm coping. That much I can say with certainty. My mood seems to be increasing again, which is slightly unnerving, but I suppose it must be a good sign.

    I've no idea how long things are going to stay like this. I may as well enjoy the lull in the danger while I can.