Saturday, 19 November 2011

So long, friends.

Well, I suppose today's the day that defines the rest of my life. I've been sitting around here too long. I don't want to think, but I can't help it. Even watching the telly doesn't keep my mind away.

I've decided I'm going for a walk. If you never hear from me again ... well, just know that I left here with the best intentions. I'm going to try my best not to give in. I don't know if I can fight them, I probably can't. But I'm not going to join them if I can help it. I think I would rather die than join that monster...

I suppose it depends what I'm threatened with, though.

I hope nobody suffers on account of my actions, whatever might happen today. You know, it's strange, the weather's actually started acting normal now. Hardly any leaves are left now after the gale, but there's an oak tree out the back that's still mostly green. I'm not sure why that would be. I think I heard somewhere that oaks have a high water content, but I might be wrong.

Dad, if you ever read this and I'm not around any more, run. Get as far away from here as you can. Sell the house. Anything. Just get out of here. Everyone else, goodbye. I hope I'll see you again. Mum, I hope I can make you proud.

I've decided to leave a song here. It's more for you guys than for me, but I'll be keeping it in my mind as I'm walking. I don't know what else I can do, so I'm going to face it. Even if there's no way out, at least I tried.

I could certainly do with a parachute right now.


  1. I with you luck. I hope that this will be a good decision for everyone.... I'll miss you :/

  2. Barb, good luck. Good luck, and remember that even if you come back different, you're still my friend. I'm not obligated to a side, damnit. You're my friend and that's all that matters.

  3. What?!
    Oh god, please be very careful.
    Man, I don't like it when it comes to this.
    Well, I pray for you, hope you'll be alright and made it back alive, and safe. Let god be with you.

    Good bye.