Wednesday, 2 November 2011

I'll have to make this quick, friends think I'm at the toilet. This is just to let you all know I reached college safely. I'll make another post when I get home. Bye for now!


  1. Oh, you'd best make it home to post, Barb!

  2. I'm here, don't worry. I'm typing up my post now.

  3. Oh good, you're posting which is great.:)
    Keep on thinking about you and worried.
    Today, right now I' m finding blogs and some vlogs that are related of him, Ritter. You know who I' m talking about, the tall faceless man? That's him.

    Ugh, I just had a slight headache while I read some posts but it's gone.
    ...My computer is making a strange noise again.
    Does he know I' m doing this stuff?