Monday, 3 October 2011

An Awful Lot of Running

In case you don't know the song, here's the official video:

I had to run for my bus this morning. Well, to be more precise, I had to sprint after it for over 300m until it stopped. Soon enough, that song was playing in my head. [It could have been worse, at least it's a decent song (which is now officially my favourite!).]

Since then, though, my metabolism has been acting weird. I could eat until my stomach hurts, and twenty minutes later I'll be starving again. It's like I'm just burning through the energy faster than I can take it in. I've been getting hunger pangs all day and I'm not as tired as I should be just now (it's after 9 o'clock and I got up at 5 this morning).

My mum's theory is that I burnt all my carbs (heehee, carb rhymes with Barb!) in a very short space of time, so now my body thinks I've got a very active lifestyle. I weighed myself earlier and I'd dropped two pounds. I don't know where they went! But anyway, my mum says it should slow down over the rest of the week, and if it's not gotten any better in a few days Dad can take me to the doctor's.

In other news, it's my Mum's birthday tomorrow. We're going to a chinese buffet, which I think is quite fortunate timing given my current situation. And what's more, I love chinese food. So instead of just one stomach-ful, I can have two! (or three, even, depending on how fast I eat in comparison to my parents)

It'll just be us three, though. My parents were both only children, and my granny (the only grandparent I have left) lives on the other side of the country. She's sent a card, though. We'll find out what's in it tomorrow.

There was something else ... oh yes! The song gave me an idea. Luckily I know how to stretch, so I'm not feeling too achy. Did I mention I used to be super-fit? I reckon on the days when I don't have an early morning class, I could get up at half-six and go for a run after "first breakfast" (yes, from now on I shall be a Hobbit). But I've also realised my upper-body strength isn't very impressive (I tried to climb a tree yesterday - that failed), so I figure if I get up at half-five, I could have a small breakfast, do some press-ups/sit-ups, then go for a run, and be back in time for a bigger breakfast around quarter-to-seven.

I reckon this change will be good for me. I'll be fitter, have better energy levels, and I'll get to live like a Hobbit (the only thing missing is a house in the ground and the occasional giant visitor). And then if I have to run for the bus again, I won't feel like I've just thrown up several times.


  1. Hmm, tick-tock goes the clock, and yet I managed to post this at exactly 10 PM by coincidence. (No seconds or anything!)

    Anyway, nighty-night everybody out there or in here, I'm going to bed now.


  3. XD I love the LOTR reference~ We can be hobbite together~ (I'm certianly short enough -.-")

  4. @Nate: That was my reaction when I first saw that video. You can listen to both the albums for free here:

    @Tori: I really am becoming a hobbit. I don't get an official lunchbreak until 1pm (which from 5am is like three in the afternoon), so I have to wolf down a sandwich between classes at around eleven. And I don't get home until six most days, which means I have to have another snack on the bus.

    That means first breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, lunch, "tea", dinner and supper. 6 meals a day. Just like a true hobbit should eat. ;)