Wednesday, 5 October 2011

My Mum's Birthday: Over-indulging, over-shooting, now over a footstool.

I mentioned very late last night (or possibly mid-afternoon for you) on someone else's blog that I'd just got back from the hospital. And you may remember that I was going out for my Mum's birthday.

Well, we went to the buffet, and I ate loads (but not as much as I was expecting, stupid ice cream filling me up!), and my parents laughed at the rate I was devouring the food (two full plates in ten minutes, I'll admit it's not my record). After my third plate my Dad advised me to switch to desserts so I didn't get bored, and THAT ICECREAM! I WILL MURDER IT IF I EVER SEE IT AGAIN! RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAA! (How is it that ice cream is only ever filling when there's free refills?)

Anyway, after dinner, we were walking back to the car when my Mum slipped on the stairs and landed awkwardly on her ankle. She couldn't put any weight on it without yelping so we had to carry her back to the car (luckily it wasn't far). Dad drove us to the E&A and we were waiting for over an hour to be seen. The Doctor looked at it, prodded it, and then took an x-ray of it. It wasn't broken, thank goodness, but she had done a bit of damage to the ligaments. The Doctor said to take the week off work, and if it was still very painful by Friday she should go to the GP. Meanwhile, she should give it as much rest as possible, try to keep it elevated [I had to stop myself giggling at the word "elevate"], "and if it swells up you should wrap it in a bag of frozen peas" (yes, those really were her exact words).

So we got back at an insanely late hour and I nearly slept in for the bus this morning. Needless to say I'm a little fatigued. My Mum's quite fatigued too, but then that cold she has seems to be moving towards her chest. At least she won't have to take time off seperately if it does move down.

I had a bit of a run after I got home today, since I missed it this morning. I found a tree with a low branch so I tried some of those - oh, what are they called? - things where you grab onto a bar and lift yourself up then drop down again. I was a bit rubbish, but I think it's just the thing to increase my upper-body strength. It was raining, but I don't mind the rain. I've got a good coat, and I love being outdoors. It's a shame we won't be going hillwalking this weekend, but I've heard it's supposed to snow on Friday, so maybe we wouldn't be going out anyway. It's weird, last week it was a heatwave in September, now it's snow in October. What is the climate coming to?


  1. I hope she gets well soon, Barb!

    Agreeing on the bullshit climate, though. I was just stuck out in the freezing rain Saturday night. Why the hell was it in the 70s today?!

  2. Me too. She seemed a little upset yesterday, she doesn't seem to like being off work. Dad's been carrying her downstairs in the morning so she can watch the telly to take her mind off it. It helps a bit, I've seen how she brightens up when a programme she likes comes on.

    It's freezing here! (Well, not exactly freezing, but you know what I mean.) It looks deceptively warm out there though, until the rain comes. One minute it's a downpour, the next it's bright and sunny again. The wind's picked up a lot. I reckon it's an almost constant 50.

    Anyway, got to go. Class starts in 20 minutes and I've got to finish off a homework question.