Saturday, 1 October 2011

Finally, some free time!

I'll try to make this as short as I can. I'm a little busy at the moment. It'll probably be difficult, since a lot has happened since my last post.

When I last posted, I was looking forward to going out with my friends. Well, I'll be frank. I loved it. It was brilliant! The music was far too loud, and probably damaged my hearing permanently, but it felt almost like I was a part of it, you know? I don't know. It's getting pretty late again. I'm sorry if I go all hyper-crazy on you all again. I'll try to keep a lid on it.

It was me, A, B and C at the club. C's joined our group now. I don't see him as much as A sees him, or as much as I see A and B, but we often have lunch all together. I think I said before that he always wears the best t-shirts? He has so many, it's unbelievable. And they're always funny, or they make a reference to comic-book culture, and he's quite funny too. He likes Doctor Who almost as much as I do, so we're always talking about it (while A and B look on amusedly).

So anyway, this was an under-eighteens event for peeps in the alternative world. I really liked a lot of the songs that they played, and my friends suggested I look some of them up on youtube. Funny, I've never really used youtube for looking up songs before. But anyway, B decided to lend me "In Silico" by Pendulum. She said it's not one of her favourites, but I love it! It blends so many styles together so beautifully! It's like a piece of "classical" music! (B said the genre's called drum and bass, I don't really see why, but I'll try and look out for more stuff like that.)

And C lent me his Chameleon Circuit albums! I've not had a proper listen to them yet (I'll explain the business soon, don't worry!), but so far I love them too! I knew of their existence (I do like watching certain vloggers, even if I don't have an account to subscribe to them with), but my parents don't buy things online, even if they are the coolest things in existence.

I was pretty tired after all the dancing, but it took me a good two hours to get to sleep. I'd tried this energy drink called Relentless. At first I thought it was very sour, but then I got used to the taste and oh my gosh I'm getting cravings right now for that delicious drink. I slept in late on sunday. To tire me out, we decided to go hill-walking (all of us). Even Liam came along. (He got tired though, so then Pete came and carried him back home. Pete's sweet. And he can get to places quicker than anybody else, and he can walk for miles, even longer than I can, and that's saying something!) It was quite windy, and halfway up we saw a young but decrepit-looking ash tree that made sheep noises whenever it moved. Mum really liked the walk, so we're going out tomorrow as well.

But back to the club! (Not the future, as tempting as it may sound.) Afterwards my throat was pretty parched, and my hearing was kind of destroyed, so all of us sounded like we were on helium.

Oh, why I was busy! I had a test last week, and I had to finish an English essay to hand in, and I have three more next week. I think I've done enough studying though. I might have a look over my notes before I go in, just to refresh myself. It's weird, doing tests. You have to stay very quiet so you don't distract anyone, and when you're done you have to just sit still and doodle. I doodled a dragon eating a sandwich. And then I drew the same dragon making toast by holding the bread on a broadsword and blasting it with flame. Then I drew it clutching a burnt slice of toast looking very sad. I showed it to A and she laughed and said I really was crazy. She was joking, or at least poking fun rather than criticising me. Of course that wouldn't be a proper joke, because it's true, and if somebody is joking about something they are saying something that is obviously untrue. I think. My head's getting muddled.

I think that's everything I wanted to say. Oh, but I wanted to say sorry, you guys, for not being there when all that stuff was happening to you last week. Not that I think it would have made a huge difference to you, but I don't like that I wasn't there to be worried about my (friends?), to show that I care about you. I don't know. Maybe I'm just too sentimental, or paranoid, or delusional. I don't know. All I know is that I do care about the people I see out there, and I don't want any harm to come to any of you. But then again, I've been mistaken in the past. I used to hate everyone. I thought nobody was worthy of happiness or even the ability to breath. But now, I don't think I could hurt anyone. I care about everyone, and I understand where peoples misconceptions and fears stem from. Maybe I should write an essay about it. Maybe that would get it out of my system. Man, my head is buzzing with ideas and concepts. I think I'll stop now. I don't want to lose all my inhibition, like what happens when I'm tired.

Goodnight everyone. (I tried to fix my spelling mistakes while I was typing, but I'm sorry if any made it through. I can't be bothered going through the whole post.)

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