Monday, 31 October 2011


It has literally taken me all night to write this. I keep getting interrupted by guisers. Currently, I'm dressed as the grim reaper, but I'll maybe say more about that further down the page.

So, October's just about finished. No snow yet. I suppose it should be comforting, but I have a feeling it means we're in for a hard time in November. It's gotten colder. It's too cold for me to go out running in the mornings anymore, and it's usually dark by the time I get home.

I've seen people in masks all day. Not so much during the light hours, and there were only a few this morning. When I was coming home, it looked like someone in a scream mask was following me, but I managed to lose them by going into Tesco (if they were even following me at all, and not just heading there to pick up some eggs).

College was much the same as usual. The kitchen was back in operation (you know, funny thing, they use the cookery students as kitchen staff), so there can't have been too much damage. There was some sort of charity/business thing down in the cantine/social area, but I usually don't pay them any attention.

I'm missing my Mum. I keep happy when I'm with my friends, and being with them does help my mood, but the pain's slowly getting worse again. My random hallucinations aren't as jovial as they usually are, either (although that tends to happen around late autumn anyway - I think it's to do with the lack of sunlight).

Susan keeps making me angry. She keeps suggesting that I should try and join the Slender Man's side. "Afterall, our Mum obviously wasn't trustworthy. Perhaps her death was for the best." She also seems to have this perverted crush on him. And when I try to argue with her, she keeps trying to conivnce me that it's the only way I'll find out what really happened.

Usually I can turn to Pete in times like this. He's usually such a source of calm and reason. Even he seems worried.

At least I still have Liam. The paranoia's getting worse, though. I know nothing has actually happened to me, and if Slender Man was responsible for the fire then I'd most probably be dead. Maybe it's all just coincidence. I've had a lot of encounters with strange coincidences. Sometimes I know things I shouldn't. And sometimes I'll say something completely random and it happens. I remember I once happily predicted a die roll ten times in a row. It was back when I felt like life was a game, just a big construct for me to play in. Now I remember that, and other things like it, and it shocks me. I can only put it down to coincidence. For instance, since then I'm lucky if I can guess a die roll twice out of six throws.

Anyway, I'm rambling. Dad spent most of the day making up treat bags for the guisers. We get a lot of them round our bit. Our street seems to have a reputation for going over-the-top with decorations (pumpkin garlands on trees, for example). I like dressing up. I don't think I've ever been guising, but I've been dressing up and handing out sweets for the past three years. I like my grim reaper costume because it obscures my face.

I even do an act for them. I talk in a soft, deep voice, and tell them if they entertain me enough then I'll consider letting them live for another year. The jokes are usually rubbish, although you sometimes get a gem (which is then used the next year by almost everyone), and one year a larger group of kids performed a whole song and dance routine!

Anyway, it's nearly time for bed, yet again. We're not likely to have any more visitors, and I'm pretty much tired out. Time to feast on left-over sweeties and monkey nuts.


  1. I had to give out candy to the trick or treaters too. It was boring but watched a couple of scary movies. So, it was a little fun I guess.

    She wants you to join on his side, huh? I don't know but it's up to you. She has a perverted crush on him? Ah no, that's just weird and uh...gross.
    I really don't wanna know about it.

  2. She's been in a huff with me ever since I got back tonight. She thinks I'm being selfish, that I don't care about what she wants.

    But I don't owe her anything. Yes, we've been friends ever since she split off from my own personality, but over the years she's brought me more trouble than good. She's helped me to appreciate the beauty in life, but I'm not going to throw away my freedom. I want to help people, not hurt them.

  3. Its your life, do what' cha gotta do.
    And it is nice to help others. It's like showing respect and being helpful.:)